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GOM Player is a great alternative if you want to change your usual multimedia player. Why should you change your usual player? Mainly because GOM player offers you the same features and more and it is light, attractive and you can customize it.

How many times haven’t you been able to play an AVI file because it was corrupted? For sure that a lot of times, but if you had installed GOM player you would have played it with no problem because it automatically plays only the good parts of the file, skipping the corrupt parts of it. GOM Player can also play files which are incomplete because of the downloading process, so you can preview large videos before having them downloaded in your HD.

In addition, if you don’t like the interface or some options, don’t worry, because you will be able to customize it and decide the look and the options showed. At last, we must highlight that GOM player includes the most important codecs and it automatically download the needed ones, so it will never fail when playing a file.
By Álvaro Toledo

DMB, Wi-Di functions removed
Fixed some audio playback problems
Improve DVD subtitle color performance and aspect ratio
Revised the error when uploading subtitles
Add LG 360 VR Preferences
Offer GOM Software promotion
Add GOM Software Button
Add GOM Remote status pop-up
Expanded screen size in Dodge game
Added a update item in menu
Miscellaneous corrections and changes

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